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About Us

We are an air condition company with a work force of approximately thirty personnel each with a specialization in one or another of our departments.

We have been in the air condition business serving homeowners, general contractors, builders, and commercial property owners throughout Trinidad & Tobago since 1985.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life and comfort of our clients and employees, by partnering with them in achieving our mutual goals.  To provide a workplace where our employees are trained to offer the best service to our customers.  To create an environment that is fair to everyone we deal with. To maximize efficiency and quality as the means to be more competitive and profitable.

Air Conditioning Units-VRF systems-Ducted systems-Duct Sox-Duct Cleaning

Our Commitment

We are committed to giving only the best of ourselves.

To continually improve our ability to serve by enhancing the quality of service offered to our Customers. We bring to the relationship expertise and knowledge, delivered with consistency and in the best interest of the Client.

At all times we perform at the highest levels of professionalism and excellence while maintaining the confidence and trust that has been placed in us.

Our Services

Precision Air Control

Our team of professionals, provides the best air conditioning solution for your needs. Precision Air Control has experts in all aspects of air conditioning, whether your project requires a one room solution, or a multi zoned system for the energy conscious. We have the right system for you. For our stylish customers, we provide e connect services so you can control your cooling equipment from anywhere in the world. Our team of factory trained technicians and project supervisors then ensure you get the quality cooling solution you paid for. Working with you to ensure complete satisfaction of your expectations.

Using state of the art software, we track every aspect of your job, from the initial call in to its completion. Our experienced service department ensures you get the right technician for your particular needs every time. Our team of technicians and our fleet of vehicles ensure we have the capacity to respond in the shortest time and offer the best solution to get your equipment functioning again. Automatic reminders notify us when we need to schedule a service call to ensure your equipment is working optimally We offer a technician tracking solution for every customer so you are aware of our arrival time and the name of the person assigned to your problem.

Our Duct Cleaning Technicians operate with the latest duct cleaning technology on the island. We use a negative pressure 10 HP Turbo Jet suction machine capable of vacuuming out up to 10 micron particles. We also use a side winder rotary brush machine to reach every section of the duct, loosening stubborn particles and pushing it towards the Turbo Jet vacuum machine equipped with pre filters and a HEPA filter.

Every grille within the Scope of Works is removed and washed out with pressure washers. Major parts of the process are Video recorded and is available for you and your maintenance team to view the works that were done. Our duct cleaning service is of the highest quality and ensures you, your family or staff is breathing clean air, free of mold, and dust particles from within the air distribution system

In today’s world, air conditioning systems have become intelligent, energy conscious, environmental solutions. At Precision Air Control, our dedicated team of engineers are trained to offer optimum solutions using the latest software and technology. Temperature and humidity are so well maintained using logic calculations that we can accurately meet any desired environmental condition within any space. The energy savings makes using these technologies very cost effective and do it without compromising on comfort levels.

Gone are the days when an air conditioning system just went on and off using large amounts of energy in the process. The latest air conditioning technologies actually use Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, logic controllers and multiple sensors to speed up or slow down the motor RPM, thus producing only the exact amount of cooling requested by the controller set point. (+/- 0.5 C)

Precision Air Control are in the fortunate position to be working with a world class manufacturer of such technology. Hisense HVAC. The technical support provided by Hisense is unrivalled in the industry and is your best assurance that we are ready to serve you at the highest levels.

Whether it be for security reasons or just modern living, we are working and living in buildings that are tightly enclosed spaces. As such a clean dry space is very important to a healthy environment. We at Precision Air Control, offers Hisense VRF and inverter systems, Broan room dehumidifiers and HRV and ERV heat exchangers. We use fresh air and outside air along with other mechanical methods to balance and stabilize humidity to within an acceptable range. We offer a consultation service that will measure the conditions in your space and make recommendations to purify your environment

Precision Air Control
Precision Air Control
Precision Air Control
Precision Air Control
Precision Air Control

Authorized dealers for the CARRIER, YORK & HISENSE HVAC air conditioning systems. We sell and install mini splits, window units, split and packaged central ducted units to meet the requirements of the job.

Scope of Works

Design, Sales, Fabrication, Installation and Service of Commercial, Industrial and Residential HVAC Systems

Our clients include some of the largest:

Hospitals / Banks / Insurance Companies / Pharmacies & Residential

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Design and Installation

Design and installation of air conditioning and exhaust systems. We meet the requirements of the highest industry standards. Precision Air Control performs heat load calculation and exhaust sizing.

Service & Repairs

We use a specialized computerized system for tracking and reporting of all jobs done. We carry out preventative and corrective maintenance on all brands of air conditioning systems. We carry a stock of most parts necessary for the air conditioning industry to enable our technicians to quickly solve air conditioning related problems.

Service & Repairs

Professional HVAC Building Designs & Engineering Systems

Inverter & VRF Specialists

Humidity Consultation & Solutions

We have an in-house sheet metal shop where we fabricate air conditioning and exhaust ducting and metal panels or frames using up to 16 Gauge materials. Fabrication can be built to any engineer’s specifications.